Better Decisions with Smarter Data

4 vs do big data

Business and academia pair up to teach managers how to add intelligence to their gigantic datasets.

While the concept of information overload isn’t a new one — Alvin Toffler introduced it back in 1984, in his book Future Shock — it seems more relevant now than ever. Particularly for the growing number of organizations with a mandate to make more strategic and operational decisions based on data — or facts — in environments saturated with data. Continue lendo “Better Decisions with Smarter Data”

The measure of man

Física Social Livro

How to re-engineer the world

Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread—The Lessons from a New Science. By Alex PentlandPenguin Press; 300 pages; $27.95. Buy from

PHYSICS is the study of matter. Its modern counterpart could be called “social physics”, argues Alex Pentland of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The invention of the microscope and the telescope let scientists unlock the mysteries of the universe. The new abundance of data in society—GPS co-ordinates, credit-card transactions and phone records, which he calls “digital breadcrumbs”—allow people to improve their knowledge of how humans interact and how ideas come to spread. Continue lendo “The measure of man”