The Story of Stuff Project

99% do que consumimos vai pro lixo em menos de 1 ano. É a transformação do Planeta Terra, de paraíso em lixo em 200 anos, por nós mesmos. Bom trabalho. Eu assisti a História das coisas de Annie Leonard que definitivamente vê as coisas com muito mais clareza do que todos os professores e acadêmicos […]

Howard Zinn in Declarations of Independence

“Those of us who call for the repudiation of massive violence to solve human problems must sound utopian, romantic. So did those who demanded the end of slavery. But utopian ideas do become realistic at certain points in history, when the moral power of an idea mobilizes large numbers of people in its support. This […]

O peso do ceticismo por Carl Sagan

What is Skepticism? It’s nothing very esoteric. We encounter it every day. When we buy a used car, if we are the least bit wise we will exert some residual skeptical powers — whatever our education has left to us. You could say, “Here’s an honest-looking fellow. I’ll just take whatever he offers me.” Or you might […]